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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Arrgg, a JPEG! Run for your life!!

So now they have discovered an exploit in JPEG files that can enable one of our happy hacking friends to create a new barrage of viruses.

This is not exactly unparalled though. Last year they found an exploit in bmp files in I.E., if I recall. There was another one for png's that I wasn't even aware of. It seems that even something as simple as an image can be exploited. Theoretically these exploits mean that soon what appears to be a very basic website could actually be a hacking platform. A hacker could post the nefarious image as a banner on a big site and cause havoc. Fun and games in I.T. security, as always.

Of course, a patch does exist (just visit WindowsUpdate, as usual). I have made it a habit of visiting the site about once a week or so, but I am interested how many tech-savvy people do / don't do this?


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