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Friday, September 10, 2004

Developer-Architect joint project

I've been hanging out at our local corner INETA user group (SA Developer.net) quite a bit recently, and I recently joined SA Architect.net as well. To my great surprise and delight, they recently decided to do a joint venture to "bridge the gap" between these two great fields. Now, architecture is something I have been giving quite a bit of thought lately, especially after reading a great article on moving from developer to architect (still looking for the link, will post it soon) and this posting (My highfalutin career advice) on Rocky Lohtka's blog, so this idea was just up my bowling alley!

Well, last night was our first meeting, and I must admit I'm really excited about the idea. The plan is to get some sort of real-world project and then to get volunteers from the user groups to jointly develop it, but to continually publish all of our work related to it, ultimately with the goal of everyone learning from one another, improving all of our skills, and contributing significantly to the local brewery and the GDP of some small coffee-producing country.

We have so far decided on our Mission and are now looking for projects. Personally I am for doing something for a non-profit org who would struggle to purchase a solution of this kind, but there are some other really great suggestions coming in, and I think either way it will be reach its goals. I'm looking forward to learning some awesome stuff from some brilliant people!

To Tina and Ruari, if you're reading this, keep up the brilliant work!


  • Hey Hilton. Thanx for your enthusiasm! And now thanx to you, I started my own blogspot. Community is all...


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