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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

"Nerd" vs "Geek"

So now there is a GeekDinner.com as well.

This reminded me of an argument I once had regarding "nerd" vs "geek" definitions. Dictionary.com actually seems to support part of the conclusion we arrived at. Nerd is more derogatory and relates to one who is "foolish, inept, or unattractive". More importantly, certainly with relation to our dinners, it adds "socially inept"!

The "geek" definition though, is quite off. Dictionary.com lists the same definitions as nerd, but adds "A carnival performer whose show consists of bizarre acts, such as biting the head off a live chicken." Definitely waaaay off (I'm sure ThinkGeek would agree). At least this one has something to do with food though...

What we came up with all those months ago was that a nerd is more "inept" whereas a geek is more of an aficionado, as in computer geek. Anyway, that's my humble opinion.

Whatever your view, come and join us for some dinner.


  • The GeekDinner site was actually up before the NerdDinner one.
    It was suggested we use that to handle the Jhb Blogging Dinners but the only thing that's been on there for a while now was the demo site.

    Good luck with your dinner and shout if you need tips.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:41 PM  

  • That would be great. I'd love to hear more about where / how you guys do yours and how it turns out.

    By Blogger Hilton Giesenow, at 4:12 PM  

  • GeekDinner.com is still on the cards....just had to prioritise things for the last couple of months because as usual...work is getting in the way...

    Biting the head of a chiken might make for an interesting logo...hmmmm...nah....

    By Blogger SplaTT, at 3:35 PM  

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