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Thursday, September 09, 2004

"Where has all the [MEMORY] gone... long time paaaasssssing"

Sorry, arbitrary songs are floating around in my "Jumbled Mind" as I wait for my p.c. to boot. Why does it take soooo long. Well, perhaps that has to do with my GripeForTheDayTM.

WHERE DOES ALL MY RAM GO?!?!? Now, I know that people have been asking this question since Noah ran out of space on the ark, but seriously! My machine has been up for a few minutes now, and I have Outlook and a single browser window actually open, and I am using 274 mb. Of course, if I look in task manager, the running processes don't nearly add up to the total. I sometimes feel like an Enron employee! Was the guy who wrote this module from Arthur Andersen, perhaps?

One Cool Tool I did find though is Security Task Manager. It lets you get more detailed info about your running processes and "the price is right" with a free version.

(By the way, the reason I am upset about the memory is because my machine has only 512 mb, which I pass VERY quickly. VS, Outlook and the aspnet worker process basically push me over. Anyone who wants to donate some excess ram are more than welcome :-). Come to think of it, any donations will be more than welcome :->>)


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