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Friday, October 29, 2004

The future of blogging

This may indeed be what we have to look forward to...

Copy Source As HTML

I just got a new tool called CopySourceAsHTML. It is a plugin for VS.Net that allows you to select an code from within studio and, um, copy it as html. Test below:

6: Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
     7:         ' This is a comment

     8:         Dim strMessage As String = "Hello World"
     9:         Response.Write(strMessage)
    10:     End Sub

Well, it looks like I might need to tweak it a bit...

Back to da blogosphere

Things have been absolutely crazy at work the last few weeks. I ended up this last week in particular having to give 3 training sessions (which went very well :->), complete a section of the system, debug some sections, QA others, do as much testing as possible, plan the deployment and finally deploy the whole bang shoot. Talk about a long month!! Unfortunately, this means I haven't done too much blogging, but I have a couple of things to talk about so expect some new posts, o loyal reader(or - readerS hopefully).

Deployment gave some trouble the other night. The system was giving regular intermittent problems (does that make sense?). Eventually, I tracked the problem down using FileMon from SysInternals. Man do those guys rock! This little standalone exe lets you moniter absolutely every bit of file activity happening on the drive! This is exactly what you need when the cpu, network bandwidth and memory are almost idling at nothing but everything is creaking along. I used FileMon last deployment to figure out why Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services was running dog slow, only to discover that the antivirus was scanning ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING (and RS uses a truck-load of assemblies, config files, etc. Big shout out to Mark Russinovich at sysinternals for a brilliant piece of software.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Nerd Dinner

Last night we finally had our very first Nerd Dinner. It was absolutely awesome! I had such fun geeking out completely. We chatted about a whole bunch of stuff and I got to finally see Whitehorse & Whidbey. They look amazing!! Talk about a productivity increase! Whidbey has some brilliant new functions, like you can highlight some text and move it all into a method, wrap it in an If, Try..Catch, or loads of other stuff.

Anyway, it was a total blast. Check the offical site for more feedback. I'm very much looking forward to the next one.

Also kewl was that I got an SA Dev calendar and Ruari has promised me a fleecy SA Dev jumper. Very kewl, in slick black too :-).

Pics coming soon. We must definitely do this regularly!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

South African RSS News feeds - finally

For those RSS-addicts amongst us (myself included), I just discovered that IOL (Independent OnLine) now has RSS feeds. Check them out here.

Still waiting for one from ITWeb though.

Friday, October 15, 2004

And the Google compaints come in...

Dave Winer lists some of the issues with the Google Desktop Search on his blog. He discusses the fact that it only searches Microsoft content, i.e. not custom content such as his own databases etc. He also mentions that it searches spam as well as a few other points.

All of these are good points. However, as Scott Hanselman mentioned, this is a beta product:

"As most "alpha/beta" Google stuff, it's very polished. They've really raised the bar on what it means to pre-release software."

Google Desktop Bar

Google have released a searching tool for your p.c.

It uses the Google engine against your local files, emails, recent web sites and more. Wow, the power of Google for all my stuff. Also, if you search on Google.com it can also find the results on your harddrive. Man this is kewl!

As Scott Hanselman says "Everyone will blog about it" but he seems to be the only one I've found. The US guys are obviously still waking up this morning to it :-).

Brain-Controlled Computer

Scott Hanselman blogged recently about experiencing pain while typing and consequently experimenting with voice recognition technology. Apparently, they are actually realistically taking things further...

Yahoo news has an article on a Brain Machine Interface where "A 25-year-old quadriplegic sits in a wheelchair with wires coming out of a bottle-cap-size connector stuck in his skull".

Thinking straight into the machine! Talk about coding at the speed of thought! I dream about this stuff!

My only concern is what happens if it picks up all thoughts, e.g.:

Dim count As Integer

For count = 1 To Wow, that is a short skirt

Thursday, October 14, 2004


I was needling a friend of mine. In my opinion, there is a typo in the book:

"The [G]eek shall inherit the earth."

Dynamic Control Creation, Viewstate and Event Binding

Scott Mitchell of 4GuysFromRolla fame has been posting some interesting entries about dynamic control creation in ASP.NET and how viewstate won't get saved correctly depending on the order in which the control is added to the controlscollection of the parent. I recently found that event binding has a similar issue with a dynamic control.

To bind to an event for a dynamic control (i.e. one you create in code) with the AddHandler (VB.NET) keyword you need to have added the control to the parent's controlcollection property first. The same is obviously true for the viewstate of the control.


Ok, I have no idea how you pronounce the name of this thing, but it is one of the coolest devices I have ever seen!

Quick summary:
5" touch screen device
1ghz cpu
256 mb ram
20 gb hdd

plus docking cable that has:
additional video output to 1280x1024

What makes it so amazing is that (at least it appears so) you get virtually everything you need but it is easy to transport and use - almost a desktop replacement that fits into your pocket!

One comment I have heard so far against it is: it is unlike a normal tablet which is too big to fall into a toilet bowl. hmmm. I work with some disturbing people if these are their evualation criteria.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Our first Nerd Dinner next week

Just booked some tables at Ferrymans, a local pub at the Waterfront mall. Based on some of the great tips I've gotten it should be a nice venue. Also, they've agreed to let us have some power.

I'm really looking forward to the dinner and hoping to have a fun evening with loads of techies. Going to go and get some multiplugs this weekend and try and scrounge around for some spare hardware (hubs, cables, etc.)

I'll definitely post some pics and feedback afterwards so watch this space.

Monday, October 11, 2004

More Big Walk pics

Ilan put up his awesome Big Walk pics. Check them out here.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Big Walk

So, we finally got a few of us together from SA Developer to join the Big Walk. There was an 80-km walk but, being computer geeks, we decided to do the 5 km one. Ruari and Rudolf brought the family along and I brought one of my housemates to talk techie with.

More pics will definitely be up soon, but in the meantime here are my super-high quality SonyEricsson t630 pics:

1: Ruari walking
2: Ilan - a housemate and my official photographer
3: The SA Dev team. Yes, that is correct, there is ABSOLUTELY NO ONE behind us. We were the absolute last people on our 5km walk.

Nonetheless, it was great fun. Thanks again to Rudolf for organising. Lets see more of us there next year!

BTW, I got a kewl SADev t-shirt as well so we could do the "team" thing. Pictures of my rippling muscles in my new shirt to come soon. Lol

UPDATE: there appears to be a problem with my (free) Brinkster hosting. You can browse directly to the pics but not link to them, apparently. Will be sorting out a permanent host this week though.