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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Big Walk

So, we finally got a few of us together from SA Developer to join the Big Walk. There was an 80-km walk but, being computer geeks, we decided to do the 5 km one. Ruari and Rudolf brought the family along and I brought one of my housemates to talk techie with.

More pics will definitely be up soon, but in the meantime here are my super-high quality SonyEricsson t630 pics:

1: Ruari walking
2: Ilan - a housemate and my official photographer
3: The SA Dev team. Yes, that is correct, there is ABSOLUTELY NO ONE behind us. We were the absolute last people on our 5km walk.

Nonetheless, it was great fun. Thanks again to Rudolf for organising. Lets see more of us there next year!

BTW, I got a kewl SADev t-shirt as well so we could do the "team" thing. Pictures of my rippling muscles in my new shirt to come soon. Lol

UPDATE: there appears to be a problem with my (free) Brinkster hosting. You can browse directly to the pics but not link to them, apparently. Will be sorting out a permanent host this week though.


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