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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Edit and Continue vs Refactoring

I had another wierd thought today (I tend to get these every now and then - see here). I was reading Paul Vick's blog (he's a member of the VB.Net team) and this entry is talking about how VB.Net is not going to get refactoring in Whidbey but both VB.Net and C# will get Edit and Continue (EnC).

First of all, let me explain that I am really upset about this. When I saw the refactoring abilities in whidbey I was seriously impressed. When I discovered they were not to appear in vb.net is was shocked to an equal degree. By and large the vb.net team has done absolutely brilliant work but I definitely agree with refactoring over EnC.

My wierd thought, without further ado, is this: EnC is for fixing your own code, Refactoring is for fixing someone else's ;-).

What I mean is that it is mostly when you are debugging and stepping through your own code that you need EnC but when you are reviewing other people's code to QA, etc. you want to refactor it. If you do it right the first time you should'nt need EnC. If the previous programmer... 'nuf said.

Seriously though, while I probably won't switch, this would be my first real impetus to move to C#. A major argument for VB is its RAD abilities. Refactoring is in some ways a big part of RAM (rapid application maintenace - did I just coin a term?) - the work we all really love! Any way to cut this down suits me perfectly.

Obviously these are generalised views but they explain why I feel so strongly about this.


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