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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Funerals for retired programs

Slashdot has a link about holding funerals for old, retired programs and they comment that this is "TOO geeky".

In some ways I obviously agree, but in others I can understand the notion. Things have changed today where the turaround time of even a large project can be within 1 year for a small team. However, it was not that long ago that a similar system would require years of work for a much larger team.

In certain parts of the industry this still holds true. I got hold of the Finding Nemo DVD for my nieces and I watched some of the extra clips. The film took 3 years to complete and they had an interview with one of the developers on the project who is clearly in his early thirties. He was asked, now that the movie is complete, what it felt like having spent a tenth of his life working on this project now that it is over!

I really feel that, even if you are / were not particularly passionate about a specific project, the fact that you put so much energy into it has to make it part of your life. How much more so is this true for those who were particularly tied to it, like the architects and leads? Think about another aspect: The rollout of the system and the first time it goes live. This is definitely a little bit like the birth of child. It follows then that the "termination" of the same system in some ways does feel like the death of a small part of you.

Anyway, that was my ramble for the day. Thanks for reading this far down :-).


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