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Thursday, November 18, 2004

MSDN Events today

Today I had the day off to attend to MSDN events. The first one was on advanced ASP.NET tips and tricks. It was given by Peter Willmot, who I had not heard before. He is a great speaker though and really brought some of the points home. I have some arguments about some of his points though but will discuss these in a later post. Also, I won a t-shirt, which is always good. Yay for schwag!

The second session was on SQL Reporting Services by Ryan Jamieson from ispartners. We used RS in a recent project and I assisted with some classes, deployment, .configs, etc. but did not touch RS itself so it was nice to see the process in action. It was a bit of a slower session though. He definitely needed a code monkey ;-). However, in this session I won the C# Developer's Cookbook from Microsoft Press which looks great. I'm a VB.NET guy, and the funny thing is I took it up with Kaylash from Microsoft that there were no VB.NET books about 20 minutes before during the break. The book looks great though and I thought it might be a nice idea to study in one language and work in another so that I get more exposure to both.

I've been a bit slack with posting lately. Things have been absolutely crazy at work. Off to a long weekend though, hopefully to recover. I've got a new project starting on Monday that involves some complex Sharepointing and I've hardly even interacted with it, let along try to bend the object model to my will. Looks mad. I might get to finally build some smart client stuff for it which will be great. Any Sharepoint experts who can offer support??


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