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Monday, November 01, 2004

A visit from Vic Gundotra

On Friday we were really privelaged to have Vic Gundotra, General Manager of the .NET Platform Strategy & Partner Group (see here for more) come and talk to us here in Cape Town. I missed the TechEd Webcast because we were busy with a major deployment so it was great to see him in person and hear what he had to say. He discussed some great topics and gave us an interesting view of the future of software development. He also fielded some pretty heavy questions around a wide variety of topics including open source, piracy, directx, whidbey, indigo, wse2 and some other great stuff.

An interesting coincidence is that I was exactly up to the show with Vic, Steve Cellini and Lenn Pryor and the Channel 9 guys earlier last week so I still got two doses of him during the week.


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