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Thursday, January 20, 2005

The big move - my new blog location (last post on Blogger)

Blogger has been giving me some trouble for a little while but finally it was something on our end that forced my hand. The WebMarshal filter that we sit behind has now decided that the Blogger login page is a porn site, so it won't let me log in (I'm accessing on dialup now).

What this means is that I've decided to move my blog over to http://dotnet.org.za/hiltong/. Armand has been great giving me a hand setting this up, so a big thanks to him. To all my local fans, this will be my last post on Blogger.

On a positive note my blog is now together with all my SADev friends and it is much faster too, so look forward to more posts in 2005!

Friday, January 07, 2005


So after Ilo linked to me I decided to be a responsible blogger and post my first entry for 2005 :-). Thanks Ilo for the in-the-backside kick.

First of all, a big happy new years (!) to the blogosphere. 2004 ended with a bit of a downer, to say the least, for those caught in the tsunami. I spent the entire week glued to the tv in horror.

Last night we had an awesome SADev party to say goodbye to Tina. She's off to JHB, for those who don't know, to join Microsoft. I would prefer not to comment on this (jealousy, they say, makes you nasty) other than to wish her a HUUUUUUGE good luck. Ha ha, now I know someone on the "inside". She did let out that she has a bunch of goodies left over from her MVP stint, so I imagine we are all going to be fighting over prizes from something soon ;-)

Anyway, gotta go and fight with Sharepoint. Sharepoint (or at least its API) and me, we is not much good friendses right now...

btw, looks like we got another survey going around. Missed the last one, but I apparently did quite well this time around). I'm not sure whether to be happy or worried about this score...

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